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Educational Toys & Materials

Excellent for Working Time-Outs, Fine Motor Skills, Letter/Number Recognition, Literacy, Basic Skills, Montessori at Home, Pretend Play and More.

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       Reading Blocks                                       Life Skills Boards                                    Sandpaper Letters                                    Felt Story Board & Easel Case

     Numbers Magnatab                                Uppercase Magnatab                               Lowercase Magnatab                                  Cylinder Sockets           

Tegu Magnetic Block Set                                     Foreign Language Education Program                                             Moveable Alphabet


School Must-Haves

Back-to-school and throughout the year, these are the things guaranteed to make the school year a success.

     Bentgo Lunch Box                              Contigo AutoSpout                                        Reusable Utensils                              Contigo AutoSpout

   Personalized Folders                            Hudson Tailor Backpack                                 Personalized Folders                                   Personalized Pencils 


Traveling Necessities

Traveling via planes, trains or automobiles?  Whether you are on your way to grandma's or traveling internationally these products are all must-haves when traveling with kids.

 Dry Erase Workbook                                   Travel Tangram Set                                    Potette Travel Potty                         Reusable Water Pad           

Kids Travel Journal                                                            Tegu Pocket Pouch                                                         Kids Travel Pillow