Our Story


Welcome to Paiges of Gray - a blog focusing on balancing modern motherhood while providing a traditional childhood to our two children and one rescued pup (cause he's our baby too, right??). I'm Carrie: mama, social worker, brand photographer and Coast Guard wife.   

My story with Paiges of Gray actually began several years ago, as a new stay-at-home-mom. I had taken a break from my career as a social worker but found myself craving a creative outlet. I began a business, While They Slept, specializing in handmade felt boards and story sets for children. I loved it, but as my business grew so too did my children and eventually the business began to dominate my life. After one particularly stressful day, I decided to scale back.  I left the shop open, but halted all advertising efforts and shifted my Instagram account to focus more on our family adventures. Slowly and without realizing it, my Instagram became a mini-blog. 

To my surprise there was an interest in what I was doing, what I was saying and, probably more importantly, the images I was sharing.  Having always been a huge supporter of the handmade community, I often dress my kids in handmade clothing, so almost all of our pictures included tags crediting the maker.  Those images were well received and eventually led to more and more opportunities to work with more and more small and handmade brands.  

As a small business owner, I have a profound respect for the handmade community and its members.  The amount of talent, perseverance and dedication is overwhelming.  The way makers support and encourage other makers is awe-inspiring.  But I also know that makers, contrary to popular belief, are not always a jack of all trades.  For many, aspects of business like product photography and social media content are elusive concepts and, as such, their business suffers unnecessarily.

Paiges of Gray is my attempt to bridge my love for the small shop community, brand photography and all things related to #momlife. Through our partnerships with brands we create images that tell a brand's story and develop brand recognition across platforms.  Through our blog and Instagram account we join with other mother's on this crazy parenting adventure by providing a community where we share parenting advice, mom hacks, mom + kids fashion, easy recipes, kids crafts, activities and more! 

We hope you enjoy!